• 发布日期: 2013-07-23
  • 分类: 新闻

 Katy Perry登上了南非版  Cosmopolitan 杂志封面。


On her time with UNICEF:
"That trip was really important to me; it creased my gratitude and humbled me. It was amazing to be able to use my spotlight to focus attention on an area that needed it more - to help empower others."

On her crazy sense of style:
"In my opinion, life can never be too cartoonish. I like to exaggerate and be larger than life when it's appropriate for stage, film, and animation. I enjoy playing different characters, and I have many sides and facets to my own personality. I like to play on them all."

On her music talents growing up:
"I have an older sister; if you have an older sibling you usually kind of compete with them. You want to be like them or wear their clothes. My sister came home after a couple of weeks with her godparents and brought home a demo - her godparents had a recording studio in their basement. I then wanted a demo as well. So I practiced her demo and performed it for my mother and she eventually said, 'Oh, you are the one that needs the singing lessons.'"

On her advice for others:
"Have a good support system, good friends with good morals, and just concentrate on supporting and strengthening yourself. When I'm home and I have time off, I eat well and hike with my girlfriends - I do things that serve me well and boost my confidence. Be kind to yourself and don't be so hard on yourself."