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2012 Billboard 夏日歌曲 Top30

  • 发布日期: 2012-05-28
  • 分类: 新闻

 最终Katy Perry的狂热单曲California Gurls勇获冠军,这张2010年发行的单曲仅仅一年以后就击败了排行榜上辉煌了50年的其他歌曲。

With an unabashedly synthy beat and breathy vocals about a "warm, wet and wild" place and the women you find there, how could Katy Perry's perfectly timed hit -- with a smooth assist from Snoop Dogg, not have been the top song of summer 2010? In fact the song was so huge, it leapt from No. 18 when we first published this chart in May 2010 to No. 1 just one year later, beating out over 50 years of other hot summer songs.